About Us

The worldwide aviation industry is moving into a phase never seen before with the pending retirements of older experienced pilots, aircraft technicians, non-pilot flight crew and air traffic controllers. Along with the introduction of new aerospace technologies and an increasing demand for aviation services in a ‘global economy’, this creates a critical challenge for the industry to meet the need of securing as many qualified and ‘job ready’ candidates it can get to meet this future demand.

Antipodean Aviation is the culmination of a team of highly experienced individuals determined to not only train personnel for the future of the aviation industry but to see them qualified and ‘job ready’ for employment in the industry no matter where you are. It isn’t enough that you have just the license or qualification, in today’s market you need to be one step ahead of the rest and be ready for work. Teamed with the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide Campus of the United States along with a number of prominent industry leading organisations and equipment manufacturer’s from around the world, the ‘team’ are ready to train, mentor and best prepare those looking for a career in aviation for multiple roles within the industry to get just that… a career.

Please take the time to view our website and the often unique training products and services we have to offer. We are here to help.