Aircrew Training

Antipodean Aviation teamed with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide now offers the most comprehensive aircrew training programs available in the industry worldwide. They are also the only programs globally offering university certification and CEU’s for students successfully completing any program.

Courses for non-pilot aircrew members include:

  • Helicopter Rescue Swimmer
  • Helicopter Rescue Officer
  • Helicopter Aircrew Officer (also referred to as Helicopter Hoist Operator)
  • Fixed Wing Loadmaster / Dropmaster
  • Para-Rescue Officer

Our comprehensive syllabus for each course exceeds all regulatory requirements for non-pilot flightcrew members for FAA, CASA and EASA/JAA and provides all approvals and certifications required of aircrew under each of the regulations such as for Hoist Operator, FAA Part 133 Rotorcraft External Load Operations (Class B & D), CASA Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 29.11 Appendix III, and JAR OPS 3.005 including Appendix 1; JAR OPS 3.988 including Appendix 1, and Section 1, Subpart O (Crew Members other than Flight Crew).

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For more information on each of these courses please refer to the specific course pages on this website or contact us at for a course information pack:

Tel: 61-2-4821 9306