English Language Proficiency (ELP)

and Aviation English Language Proficiency (ELP)

Antipodean Aviation has teamed with Aviation English Academy (AEA), part of Pine View College, in delivering a complete training solution for all flightcrew members, aircraft maintenance technicians and non-pilot flight and ground crews, including RPAS/UAV Operators requiring training to meet the English Language requirements for licensing under the FAA, CASA and EASA/JAA.

AEA brings to Antipodean Aviation and our students a team of professional language specialists on-site that train students from zero to ICAO Level 4 – Operational levels and beyond if needed. We have available online courses and face-to-face learning solutions with support services from our highly experienced and qualified teachers.

Antipodean Aviation also has Authorized Testing Officers (ATO’s) who are ready to provide English Language Proficiency assessments for those requiring evidence of meeting the required English language levels for their licensing requirements (Level 6 – Expert). We can also provide IELTS preparation courses and evaluations and organise students sitting for this assessment.

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For more information about General English Language training and Aviation specific English Language Proficiency training and assessment please contact us at:

Tel: 61-2-4821 9306
Email: training@antipodeanaviation.com