Wire and Obstacle Environment Course

The Wire and Obstacle Environment Course is designed to provide knowledge and procedures for pilots, non-pilot flightcrew members and supplementary crew members to safely conduct flight operations in the low level environment. This course is self-guided and delivered online for the convenience of participants enabling students to undertake training in your own time at your own pace. This course is also the only course of its type that offers a university certificate and CEU’s for completion by students.

Flightcrews and their aircraft are involved in numerous mission scenarios that place them in the low level environment including Search & Rescue (SAR), Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Powerline Inspection, Aerial Wildfire/Bush Fire Fighting Operations, Aerial Crane and Aerial Survey to name a few. These activities and others like them expose flightcrews on a regular basis to the danger areas of ground based obstacles and wires and therefore crews need to be aware of these dangers and be armed with procedures to mitigate them. This course is designed to do just that. It’s not enough to be taught to fly an aircraft low level, that is predominantly a program designed on flight techniques and the general view of ‘watch out for wires’. In an operational capacity where additional tasks divert the concentration of the flightcrew, you need to be aware of the dangers and be conscious of what actions you need to take to maintain situational awareness at all times.

Course Availability and Schedule

As this course is delivered 100% online, students can book onto the course anywhere worldwide at their convenience and complete the program at their own pace. The course is relevant to all operating areas around the world but discuss specifically FAA, CASA and EASA/JAA regulatory requirements in relation to low level flight operations.

Course Cost

Initial Course – $ 220.00

Renewal – There is no requirement for renewal of this course by various industry sectors at this time. However, it is likely to become so in the future due to the importance of this course to flight safety. Therefore, it is suggested that refreshing your knowledge every 2 years will keep you up to date and focused on correctly implementing the knowledge gained once out in the field. For previous students of this course with Antipodean Aviation/Embry-Riddle – Worldwide, renewal of the course after 2 years is discounted and available at $ 180.00

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