Fire Fighting Pilot (Wildland/Urban High Rise)

Fixed Wing/Helicopter

The Fire Fighting Pilot program offers specialised training in two streams; Aerial Wildland / Bush Fire Fighting operations and the developing operations of Urban High Rise Aerial Fire Fighting. Both streams are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge on equipment, procedures and techniques for pilots. Whether seeking to undertake aerial wildland/bush fire fighting operations and/or urban aerial fire fighting operations for the first time or currently conducting such operations and looking to attain an educational qualification for your skills through our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) option, this course is designed for you. This course is also relevant to all operating areas around the world. It is the only university program of its type globally offering graduates university certification and Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for successful completion through the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide Campus. Teamed also with the world leading manufacturers of aerial fire fighting equipment, such as Simplex Aerospace (Fire Attackā„¢, Heli Torch and SkyCannon High Rise systems) and IMS New Zealand Ltd (Cloudburst Fire Bucket), participants will receive in depth knowledge and training on all aspects of aerial fire fighting operations.

This program offers training for both fixed wing (commencing in 2014) and helicopter operations and meets the new Australian CASR Part 61 Schedule 1 & 2 requirements (that come into effect in December 2013). It provides additional skills training to ensure our graduate pilots have knowledge and skills in a whole range of procedures and techniques for wildland/bush fire and urban high rise fire fighting operations. The course is delivered via two (2) phases:

  • Theory – Delivered online through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Learning Management System for the convenience of students enabling you to undertake the theory training in your own time and at your own pace. This part of training is self-guided and delivered online but with instructor support. Assessment for this phase is undertaken via multiple choice written assessment at the end of each module of training.
  • Practical – Delivered either at our training facilities or can optionally be conducted on customer aircraft at your own facilities. This phase of training requires five (5) consecutive days of training in a range of skills including underslung/sling load and aircraft mounted/integrated water drop systems but also includes other skill areas usually undertaken during aerial fire fighting operations such as Hover Entry/Exit and Rappelling/Hoist operations.

Course Pre-requisites

To enrol in this course (and where applicable, to meet new Australian specific CASR Part 61 requirements coming into effect later in 2013) students will need to possess a current FAA/CASA/EASA Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or higher with at least 200 flight hours as Pilot in Command (PIC) and have a low level approval with at least 5 flight hours of low level experience. NOTE: these minimums are for the course and are not the minimums required by most fire management authorities which require minimum total hours in excess of 1000 flight hours to pilot an aircraft on wildland / bush fire operations and which varies depending on what region you intend to operate.

Course Availability and Schedule

As the first phase (theory) of this course is delivered 100% online, students can book onto the course anywhere worldwide at their convenience and complete this phase of the program at their own pace. Once completed Phase 1, students can then book onto the next available scheduled practical program which runs over 5 consecutive days. For customers wanting flight training undertaken at their own facilities using their own aircraft, training can be scheduled to suit customer specific needs.

Course Cost

At our facilities – $ 10,300.00

At customer facilities using customer aircraft – Price on application

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